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Show Manager Forms

Effective 10/20/22 Show Approval Fees have changed to $30/judge. 
Results fees are the same:
$1/horse/judge when using the Approved AMHA Show Program
$3/horse/judge for all other formats

Need the AMHA Show Program? For free download email Mark Anderson,
Need help? Contact AMHA, or call 817-783-5600 ext 316

Reserve Show Date

  • Send AMHA office a completed “Application for Reservation of AMHA Show Date” (postmarked at 

  • least 60 days prior to the first proposed show date)

  • Show Manager's Test: Annually emailed to you by Survey Monkey – complete before first show approval.

  • Obtain Show Approval (prior to printing, website publishing and/or mailing any premium lists)

  • Send AMHA office a completed “Application for AMHA Show Approval” (one for each Judge), premium list, entry form & fees ($30/judge) postmarked at least 45 days prior to the first show date..

Basic premium list requirements:

  •  Location, dates & starting time of show, not to start before 8am

  •  List of Judges (Senior status & State – Ref: GR-025-T)

  •  Close of entries date and late fees 

  •  Measurement Times and Hardship Measurement Times (Mandatory if you want to offer Hardship inspection   at your show)

  •  List premiums and awards  Class List (notate all non-pointed classes as such on class list)

  •  Show Manager contact information

  •  Stmt: “All horses must be registered with AMHA”

  •  Stmt: “Send in copy of Registration Papers, front and back”

  •  Stmt: “Send in copy of Senior Stallion Verification Report”

  •  Stmt: “Amateur & Youth must provide a copy of their current AMHA. Amateur or Youth cards. 

  •  Applications for both will be available in the show office. Applications are $5 more when submitted at a     show.”

  •  Signature Block with: “I certify that I am an Amateur as recognized by the rules of the AMHA” on 

  •   the entry form.

  •   Fee Schedule (stalls, parking, drug fees, etc)

  •   Stmt: "Gelding Status must be on certificate."

  •   Stmt ”Open to all exhibitors regardless of mental or physical abilities”

  •   Stmt: "Judge Evaluation Report forms are available in the show office."

  •   AMHA Office Fee info listed on entry form (see below)

Show Results

  •  Send to AMHA office: ** (within 15 days from the last day of the show)

  •  AMHA Show Results Summary Form

  •  Email results for approved show program, or on AMHA approved Class & Champion Sheets or on 

  •  pre-approved form.

  •  AMHA Office Fee: $3.00 per horse/per judge for manual shows, or show sent in on AMHA Aproved Show 

  •  Program is $1.00 per horse/per judge (Mark Anderson program)

  •   Judges Evaluation reports from exhibitors (green) – (if any)

  •   Evaluation of Judge by Show Manager

  •  Youth and/or Amateur Applications with fees

  •   Height list with registered name and number of horse and back number,

  •   Perm heights listed and list signed by both show manager and measurer

  •   Any DQ’s or gate scratches

  •   Youth/Amateur relation to horse owner if not on listed on reg. papers

  •   Horse Measurement List (horse name alpha order and signed by Measurer and Show Mgr.)

30 days prior to the World Show, results are due IN THE AMHA OFFICE within 5 days from the last day of the show.

Judge's Placement Cards
Click here for XL Spreadsheet to print out Judge Placement Card labels. They will fit on an Avery 5162 label with a 9 font size
Open Division (pdf)
Amateur Division (pdf)
AOTE (pdf)
Youth Division (pdf)
YOTE (pdf)
COOL Division
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