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Get Rewarded For Time Spent With Your Mini!

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The Mini Hours program is a great way to earn rewards for time spent with your Miniature horse.  The Mini Hours program will allow you to log time spent doing what you do with your mini.  Whether it be grooming, playing, therapy work, parades, or training, turn in your time spent and receive rewards from AMHA. Created for any age member, this program recognizes the personal achievements and benefits of multiple activities you do with your horse on a routine basis. Whether you participate in trail drives, train and compete in shows, walk in parades, perform therapy work, or enjoy just grooming your mini, each hour will count toward ​your lifetime achievement record and enable you to receive recognition and awards from the AMHA.


Enroll and log your hours. Awards will be mailed to you upon completion of 100, 250, 500, and each 500 hour plateau thereafter.  


Enroll and start earning prizes today!

For more information, email: Martha Duchnowski, 




You must be a current AMHA member. Any horses used in the program must be registered with the AMHA; there are no restrictions as to age or ownership.


Qualifying hours include activities such as:

  • Therapy

  • Grooming & Clipping

  • Parades

  • Showing

  • Training

  • Driving

Virtually, any hours you spend with your horses are eligible hours.



  • Awards to be determined by Mini Hours Program Committee 

  • Awards to given at each plateau of 100, 250, 500 and each 500 thereafter.


Logged Hours must be recorded on the official AMHA form. Records will be permanently maintained in the AMHA office.

All horses enrolled must be AMHA registered.  Participants may use multiple AMHA registered horses and do not need to own the horses used in the program.


What an Accomplishment!


Mini Hours Geldings.jpg
Mini Hours Mares.jpg

Shelley Oney and her ten hardworking minis put in 1,549 and a half hours all together to the end of the year 2020! Starting with left picture (from left to right), are five of her handsome geldings: F&S Acres Pepper Le Beau, F&S Acres Deliteful Pepper Sirprize, F&S Acres Red Hot Chili Pepper, and F&S Acres Snowy Rivers. In the right picture (from left to right), we have her five beautiful mares: F&S Acres Ziva Grand Davi, Grazing Meadows Sugar Delight, Grazing Meadows Hallelujah, F&S Acres OpenGate MissTake It All, and F&S Acres Pepper Minh Thu. The girls were a lot easier to organize than the boys!

Bella and Sassy2.jpeg
Bella and Sassy.jpeg
Bella and her Love.jpeg

Bella Walker and Sassy (Oak Bay Sassy Edition) put 1,000 hours in together this past year; running the round pen, playing dress up, silly faces and a few nips in the grumpy times (some from Sassy!), they got through it all and had a lot fun. Bella heads to college in two years;  We hope the dorm is big enough for the two of them.


Your love and dedication doesn't go unnoticed!

  • 600 Hours - Catherine Albert, 6 Horses 

  • 500 Hours - Sheri Dingman, 2 Horses

  • 250 Hours - Sherry Gile, 1 Horse

  • 250 Hours - Alex Rahimi, 1 Horse

  • 120 Hours - Tracy Sprowles, 1 Horse

Chimacum Tack Banner.jpg

AMHA's Official Sponsor for the Mini Hours Program!  Chimacum Tack is a family owned and operated business, known for our high-quality harness and driving equipment.  We specialize in driving harness, with a focus on American-made products hand-crafted to fit, and guaranteed to perform.  We offer all types of harness – pleasure, work, and sport – as well as harness parts, and a wide variety of equine products especially for VSEs and Drafts.  We specialize in hard-to-fit sizes for mini, donkey, draft, and other animals, and are known for our old-fashioned customer service.

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