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Thanks to their incredible natures, many American Miniature Horses "take" to the show ring as if they were born to it. And perhaps as a result, their handlers are not far behind. Each year, more than 250 AMHA-sponsored shows are conducted throughout the US and Canada. AMHA also hosts Championship Shows in the East, Central and Western United States allowing exhibitors the chance to compete for Championship titles in more than 175 classes. And for those who qualify, the AMHA World Championship Show signifies the ultimate competition.

Averaging 3,100 entries and more than 180 classes, AMHA's World Championship Show is a nine-day event held annually in the fall. It is worth a trip the World Championship Show, if only to observe. Stalls are elaborately decorated and many horses are for sale so it is an excellent place to view, learn and shop!

Great Family Entertainment

Miniature Horse shows are great family entertainment. Against a backdrop of chaos - busy grooming stalls, warm-up rings, human and equine jitters, participants enjoy a variety of competitions, admire the performance of skilled horses and marvel at the display of beauty and grace. In addition to the obvious reward of having fun, showing is a wonderful extension of the bonding between human and equine. The goal sets a structure for spending time with a horse, learning to communicate and trust, understanding and breaking through fears, and eventually knowing the thrill of working in unison. 

For members new to the Miniature Horse industry or perhaps unfamiliar with showing, AMHA encourages you to visit the AMHA approved show  page and find a show in your area to see what showing the American Miniature Horse is all about!


About Shows

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