Reserved Farm Prefix



  • The American Miniature Horse Association will record and recognize exclusive use of a prefix for registration purposes.

  • The prefix will be included in the 35-letter limit that can be used in the name on the registration.

  • A prefix can only be owned by one person or farm and cannot be transferred.

  • A prefix must be unique and must not be too similar to one already in use. The American Miniature Horse Association reserves the right to deny registration or use of any prefix. No prefix considered offensive in anyway will be approved.

  • Registration of a prefix by The American Miniature Horse Association protects it from being used by others when registering AMHA Horses. It  does not protect the name beyond The American Miniature Horse Association use.

If a person (or farm) purchases a prefix it then MUST be used as the prefix of the name when registering all foals bred by that person (or farm).

The registration of a prefix does not supersede the US laws concerning trademarks or certification marks.


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