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AMHA POLICIES Updated 12/10/2019


Effective 1-1-2002 AMATEUR CARD FEE

AMHA will charge a fee of $10.00 to members and $50.00 to non-members for an amateur card. Amended 12/10/2019 As of 1-1-2020 fees will be &15.00 to members and $55.00 to non-members for an amateur card.

BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 6-10-2006 AMATEUR LEVEL POLICY

When determining amateur status Level 1 and Level 2, exclude classes that are not split at the World Show. This includes hunter, jumper and halter obstacle. The Show Rules Committee recommends this policy. The change will be effective January 1, 2007, but will not be retroactive. BOD Approved 12/10/2019



Future AMHA Annual Meetings will be at least two days in length

(BOD amended 12-3-10). (Amended 12/10/2019) BOD Approved 12/10/2019


The fee for registration at an AMHA Annual Meeting shall be set by the Board. Annual Meeting registration fee will apply up to fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of the meeting. The late registration fee will be the regular fee plus $15.00 (Amended 2-25-2007) AMHA will charge $25 registration fee for the Annual Meeting. Note the above late charge was change from four (4) times the normal to the regular fee plus $15 on 6-13. (Amended 6-6-2015) AMHA will charge $40 Registration fee for the Annual Meeting if before the cutoff date and $55 after the cutoff date. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 2-24-2001 SPECIAL AWARAD – “A” AWARD Beginning with the 2002 Annual Meeting, a Special Award will be developed to recognize members who have made a significant contribution to the American Miniature Horse industry in areas other than showing. These awards will be presented at the Annual Meeting. BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 11-9-1986 TAPE RECORDERS/BOD MEETINGS A tape recorder may be used in the Board of Directors Meeting to record the motions but would be turned off for general discussion. The tapes will be destroyed after final approval of the minutes.(BOD amended 7/14/03) Recordings will be for in person meetings. (Amended 12/10/2019) BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 6-28--98 BOD / OFFICE PARTNERSHIP Overall, the role of the director and office should be developed as a partnership for accomplishing the task of operating the world’s largest Miniature Horse Association. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 6/1/2019 VIDEO-CONFERENCE BOD MEETINGS Videoconferencing will be used for all Board of Director meetings that are not in person and shall be open to all members. Dates, times and joining information will be published on the website. Agendas will be available from Directors and may be published on website. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 11/2/2019 SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY / DIRECTOR DESCRIPTION All directors will be required to sign the AMHA Social Media Policy. Directors will receive a job description when joining the board that will outline the role and expectations of an AMHA director.

BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 9-10-2001 LOCATION OF BOD MEETINGS All future board meetings shall be held in the Forth Worth/Dallas Metroplex area or by teleconference or video-conference except for the annual meetings and exceptions could be made if deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. (2-23-2016) (Amended 12/10/2019) BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 12-8-2001 BOARD MINUTES Board of Directors minutes are to be distributed out within 30 days of the meeting of the board and the board has 10 days to make corrections or indicate approval. A nonresponse from a board member indicates that the board member is approving the minutes as written. A note will be added to the top of the minutes to state that a nonresponse is considered acceptance. (Amended 1/21/02) Changed ‘mailed” to “distributed” 7/8/2013 BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 2-27-2005 DIRECTOR’S REIMBURSEMENTS The Finance Committee has recommended re-instating the Director’s Reimbursements for 2005 with the following changes:  

  • Maximum of two meetings per year (expanded o 3 meetings during the June 2005 BOD Meeting) (Changed back to 2 in February of 2008)

  • Minimum floor expense (deductible) of $125.00 Allow for travel to and from hotel or meeting facility: example, airfare, rental car, parking charges.

  • Mileage reimbursement rate of .40 cents per mile

  • Maximum reimbursement of $500.00

AMHA does not reimburse for the following:

  • Tips and meals during travel to and from hotel or meeting facility

  • All expenses incurred during hotel or meeting facility from the time of arrival to the time of departure.

Expense reimbursements need be postmarked within 30 days of thee last date of the meeting or it will be void. Receipts must be attached for all non-mileage reimbursements. Maximum reimbursement per expense report per director is $500.00 (11-11-05) (Amended 12-10-2019) Until further notice, all Director’s Reimbursements are suspended. BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 2-22-2004 NUMBER OF COMMITTEES MEMBERS MAY SERVE ON No member may be allowed to serve on more than three (3) committees, excluding the Executive Committee and serving as Board Liaison for a committee. (Amended 3-31-07) BOD Approved 12/10/2019 Effective 2-26-04 MEMBERS MAY ONLY CHAIR ONE COMMITTEE No one AMHA member may chair (excluding co-chair) more than one (1) committee, excluding the Hub Committee. (Amended 6-8-2013 to add “excluding co-chair”) BOD Approved 12/10/2019


1. Amateur


3. Affiliated Club (changed from Local Club 12-10-2019)

4. Bylaws

5. Finance

6. Halter Futurity

7. Gelding Incentive

8. Genetics (suspended 12/10/1019)

9. International

10. Licensed Official (elected committee)

11. Long Range Planning (suspended 12-10-2019)

12. Marketing (changed to Promotions 12-10-2019)

13. Membership

14. Performance

15. Rules and Regulations

16. Special Needs

17. Show Rules (elected committee)

18. World Show

19. Youth

20. Stock Horse

21. Mini Hours

NOTES: 06-12-2005 Membership committee added 11-12-2005 Performance committee added 02-24-2008 Computer committee changed to Internet Communications 02-24-2008 Championship Show committee suspended 02-24-2008 Marketing/Special Events changed to Marketing Committee 02-19-2008 Futurity Committee changed to Halter Futurity Committee 02-19-2008 Local Show Committee changed to Club Committee 03-13-2010 Remove A/I Research and Drug & Medication Committees 03-13-2010 Merged Internet Communications with Marketing 03-13-2010 Changed Local Show Committee to Local Club Committee 02-12-2012 Change name of Club Committee to Local Club Committee 06-08-2013 Remove LOC and Show Rules as they are elected 06-12-2018 Add Stock Horse Committee 06/11/2019 Add Mini Hours Program Committee 12-10-2019 Suspend Long Range Planning 12/10/2019 Add LOC and Show Rules back, noting they are elected 12/10/2019 Change Marketing Committee to Promotions Committee BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 6-19-2000 EMPLOYEE MANUAL The Employee Manual was approved as presented to the Board with final review from legal counsel. Note: Employee Manual was updated 3/19/10. BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 2-7-1993 RETURNED CHECK POLICY AMHA will institute a returned check charge, whatever the current fee is per check. (Amended 7/14/02) BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 8-8-1997 LOCAL SHOW W/NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS The office shall keep records on local shows that have complaints against them and if the local shows have too many complaints the matter will be taken to the Executive Committee for determination of future AMHA approval. Policy per 12.3.10 BOD Meeting BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 1-1-2002 PROMOTIONAL LOGO With Board approval, the AMHA office staff has the authority to alter the promotional logo as needed. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 6-20-2000 PHOTOGRAPHS TO MARKET AMHA AMHA Staff may use photographs of Miniature Horses for AMHA marketing and promotional purposes at will and without obligation to credit the providers, photographers, or subjects in the photographs. Policy per 12.3.10 BOD Meeting BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 11/1/2018 PRINTED EDITION Due to financial constraints the membership voted at the 2018 Annual Meeting to suspend the printed MHW until further notice. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 11/1/2018 MHW E-MAGAZINE The MHW will be produced as an on-line magazine and published on the website with notice of such publication sent via E-Blast to all members with a link to view the magazine. BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 1-1-1995 MEMBERSHIP

1. A New Members Packet to all new members, to include a list of AMHA Committees with explanation of functions, duties, and responsibilities.

2. Lifetime members be recognized with a special name-tag at the Annual Meeting, and published in the official publication once per year.

3. Membership renewal notices be sent to those who have not renewed their membership within 30 days of anniversary date. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 6-23-98 MEMBERSHIP ANNUAL REPORT AMHA shall prepare for the Annual Meeting, and publish on the website an Annual Report for the membership demonstrating the status and position of the American Miniature Horse Association. The report shall include the following: annual and historical financial information, annual and historical foal registrations and transfer information, statistical detail of ownership by state and country, annual and historical membership figures, number of approved horse shows each year, number of events per state, and other factors deemed significant to reveal the actual status and future of the organization. BOD Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 6-10-1994 OFFICIAL PRODUCT/AMHA/FEE AMHA shall set a minimum fee of $2,500.00 for a company or product to be the “official” product, etc., of the AMHA. This shall be subject to Board approval BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 6-19-2000 POTENTIAL BEER SPONSOR Potential sponsors for events may include beer sponsors. BOD Approved 12/10/2019



Effective 2-22-1996 PROBLEM REGISTRATIONS When AMHA receives a registration application in the office that requires blood typing or DNA testing, or any additional information, the office will work with the owner to obtain the necessary information. Applications which do not contain all information, including payment information, will not be worked until such is completed.. The office will no longer return registration applications, fees or pictures when the owner fails to supply the required information.


AMHA will establish the following policy on registration of a foal: If the dam is registered “and”and a request is made to register the foal as “or”, that this will be done if registration application is signed by both owners If a dam and/or sire registration papers are current when they are bred, the resulting foal may be registered even if the dam and/or sire registration papers become Revoked by the time the foal’s registration application is submitted to the office provided the foal’s owner is not the same as the owner of the Revoked dam and/or sire.

Amended 12-10-1019 BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 2-3-1989 DWARFISM AMHA’s guidelines to determine if a horse is a dwarf are: Any two items on the list of 54 types of dwarfism submitted by Barbara Naviaux would indicate the horse in question shall not be registered depending on the severity of the characteristic and on the decision of the Executive Committee after inspection of the horse. BOD Approved 12/10/2019 



1. Perpetual trophies be limited to a minimum of five years.The Retired perpetual trophies will be displayed permanently in the AMHA National Office with each winner’s name and year of award inscribed on the trophy.

2. The quality of the trophies must be of a high caliber.

3. Each Perpetual award must have a separate award that the winner takes home.

4. There will be a $75 maintenance fee if the office provides the separate award or a $25 fee if the sponsor provides the award.

5. After five year minimum, the sponsor will be contacted each year to see they want to retire the trophy or continue sponsoring it.

6. The Finance Committee and the Board of Directors will be the authorizing body for the acceptance of trophy donations. They shall be in the World Show Premium and World Show Catalog. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 2-8-1997 WORLD SHOW SPECIAL AWARD POLICY Effective 1997, to break a tie in Super Amateur or any Super Award the following policy will be followed: if they have equal points, the first tie breaker will be the total number of horses defeated in their respective classes for specific awards for that show. If per chance there is a tie in the points and a tie in the number of horses defeated, then go to the respective prerequisite halter class and the designated halter winner will be determined. BOD Approved

12/10/2019 Effective 2-21-2008 WORLD SHOW AWARDS An individual or committee requesting any of the following to be awarded during the World Show must submit to the Finance Committee and Board of Directors a written report outlining detailed specifications regarding the award, etc. requested.

  • Division Award (ex: Youth/Amateur/Special Needs, etc.)

  • Raffle

  • Donations for a specific class to be given to winners

  • Cash Awards

All requests must be submitted before the end of the Mid-year Board Meeting. The Finance Committee and/or Board will review all requests before the end of the mid-year BOD Approved 12/10/2019







Effective (historical) ALVADAR/PINE RIDE FARM AWARD

Effective (historical) REECE FAMILY AWARD

Effective (historical) JAMES PAYNE AWARD


Effective 2016 TW GLOSSER AWARD

Effective (historical) VERN BREWER GET OF SIRE

Effective (historical) RHOTENS LITTE DANDY AWARD

Effective (historical) BOB ERWIN MEMORIAL TROPHY BOD

Approved 12/10/2019


Effective 2-26-2006 AMHyA MANUAL/GUIDELINES & YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM The AMHyA Manual/Guidelines and guidelines for the Youth Scholarship Program were voted on and passed at this meeting. BOD Approved 12/10/2019

Effective 2-25-2007 YOUTH MEMBERSHIP FEE Youth membership will be a one-time $10 fee effective 1-1-08. Replacement cards are $5. BOD Approved 12/10/2019



These policies may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Directors by a two thirds vote when no notice has been submitted, or by a simple majority vote when notice has been give at least two (2) week prior to the meeting. These policies may be suspended by a majority vote.