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A short course in Measuring ... Learn how to measure your American Miniature Horse.

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Make sure that the horse is standing square
Front Legs - parallel with the measuring device
Rear legs - in a vertical line with the horse's Buttocks


Keep measuring stick straight
Measure at last hair of the actual mane hair,
NOT the long body hair!


Read to top of the cut-out, NOT at bottom.
Make sure arm of Measuring stick is right side up.
Make sure bubble is in center of Bull's-eye.

Photos and Tips by Tony Greaves


A. No Miniature Horse shall exceed 34 inches in height. Weanlings must not exceed 30 inches. Yearlings must not exceed 32 inches. Two-year-olds must not exceed 33 inches. The show age of the horse is determined from January 1 preceding its birthday.


B. Horse's height must be verified on a hard, level surface, preferably concrete or paved, in a public place, by a Show Official and witnessed by a member sponsoring the show. No person with horses being shown competing in the show may be a measuring official at the show. The measuring device used to measure the first horse must be used to measure all the horses. A standard measurement stick is a straight, stiff, unbendable stick (metal) that is equipped with a bulls eye, plumb bob or a spirit level to make sure that the standard is perpendicular to the ground and that the cross piece or arm is parallel with the ground surface.


C. Management shall announce the time and place for height verification.


D. To receive an exhibitor's number, the horse must be measured and have height recorded on the entry sheet by the person measuring horses or by his designee.


E. The height verification of the Miniature Horse shall be determined by measuring the vertical distance from the base of the last hairs of the mane to the ground with the front two legs vertical and in line with or parallel to the measuring device, and the back of the hocks in a vertical line with the horse's buttocks. The last hairs of the mane refers to the last coarse (longer) hair of the horse's mane. Any softer body hair, left longer so as to be considered as an extension of the mane, should be differentiated from mane hair and should not be included as part of the mane when measuring. The horse's head and neck shall be in a natural position. The animal must stand squarely on all four feet. No height allowance will be made for excessive foot. Unless the handler accepts the first measurement obtained, each horse shall be measured one time from each side, and one additional measurement, to consist of a total of three (3). These three (3) measurements must be added together and divided by three (3) to get the average height which shall determine the initial measurement. All three (3) measurements must be made consecutively, and other horses may not be measured until an initial measurement is obtained on each horse.


F. After initial measurement, including multi-judge shows, horses may not return more than one (1) time to be remeasured. This remeasurement must be done again according to "E" above. A horse that has to be remeasured must be sound. The measuring process will result in a final measurement.


G. A Permanent Height Card may be applied for once the horse has reached 60 months of age. The cost will be listed on the work order. The horse must be measured at a Regional and World Show within the same calendar year. 


How to Measure

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