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We've got you covered! If you are serious about marketing your farm or equine-related business, this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss!  With thousands of individual log-ins viewing the AMHA World Show, webcast banners are a perfect way to get more visitors to your website during the week of the AMHA World Show. The banners below are the example of the size AMHA is offering for their webcast banners this year. 

2023 World Show Webcast / Commerical Form

The PDF form must be downloaded and saved to your device and then filled in and resubmit to


2023 AMHA World Show | September 23 - 20, 2023 | Will Rogers Memorial Center, Ft. Worth, TX


Do you need a commercial produced? No problem! Just Add Video has created a 30-second commercial production package just for our web cast! After your commercial is produced, it is all yours!

  • 30-second commercial on AMHA live webcast: $500 (does NOT include production of commercial)

  • 30-second commercial production through Just Add Video: $500 (Total of $1000 for ad and production)


If you do not have a commercial for your company, don't worry, we can help. We have a 3-step process to getting your video done. Complete these steps and we’ll do the rest!


Step 1: Create a 22-25 second script. This script should introduce your brand and product/ service, mention why you stand apart from your competition, and explain how a viewer can learn more or get involved.


Let’s do an example: Let’s say you are a saddle company named Old West. The script might read something like this:


Example Script: Old West Saddle Company was started at the Jacobson’s family ranch right here in Texas. Through generations of riders the Old West saddle has been developed to provide optimal comfort for both the horse AND the rider! The saddle's patented design will be sure to carry you on the ride of your life. Learn more about how you can win your own Saddle at


Now that you have your script, decide if you want to appear in the video. For this script above it would not be necessary to have someone from the company appear in the video and read the script, a voiceover would be fine. However, if you are a personal trainer or perhaps a non-profit organization inviting someone to join, seeing your face and hearing directly from you could be a good thing. If that is the case, it would be great if you can set up a camera (even a phone) and record your script. If you choose this option we will work with you directly to help you set up the best shot that will fit with the commercial style. 


Step 2: Gather supporting content for your commercial. This can include video footage, photos, awards, etc. Let’s revisit the Old West example above and see what supporting content would be good.


Old West Saddle’s Supporting Content: 1. An old photo of the family ranch 2. Some old photos of family riders 3. A video of the new saddle 4. A new video of someone putting the new saddle on a horse 5. A video of someone getting on the horse 6. Someone riding the horse on the saddle.


If your product or service is more generic and less specific, we can even get some footage for you. For the Old West video we might add a clip or two of Texas, a farm, sunset, etc. We’d be happy to discuss that with you as well. 


If you are recording a few videos of your product or destination, it is important you keep your phone horizontal and steady. We can help you with that as well.


Step 3: Send us your Logo and Company Info. Please send us the best quality version of your logo (vector format or png if you have one). Also your web address, phone number, etc that you want to appear at the end of the commercial.


That’s it! Once you complete these 3 steps and we have everything we need, we’ll do the rest. We’ll add the music, do the editing, mixing and the graphics! The last thing for you to do will be to Press Play On Your Story. We’ll provide you with a review link, you let us know if you need any updates, and the commercial will be completed. We’ll send you a copy to share on your website and social media, and we’ll cue it up for the AMHA live stream!


More information coming soon!

LARGE Web Banner $250.00


780 px wide  x  123 px high



  • Signed Contract Form must be returned to the AMHA Office by August 15, 2023 accompanied by full payment.

  • Please call the AMHA office for payment arrangements.

  • Webcast ads are NOT REFUNDABLE! 

  • AMHA will be responsible for posting your webcast ad to the web broadcast site. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be contacted for your graphics. 


World Show Webcast Banners

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