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Show Results

AMHA show results archives from 2002 through 2020 are redirected to the original format on the previous AMHA website. 

Any errors in show results should be reported to the Show Manager of the show involved, so they can be corrected.


2024 Honor Roll awards will be belt buckles generously donated by the Amateur and Youth Committees! 

Please be aware of the rules that affect your show results and Honor Roll placings: 

1) Page S-13: " A period of one year from the date of the show will be allowed for a correction of printed show results. After that date, no request for show result corrections will be considered. Exception: Honor Roll placements will not be changed after January 31 for the preceding year. It is the responsibility of the owner of record at the time the horse is exhibited to notify AMHA of any possible errors in show results."

2) Pages S-89 (PA-025-A--4),: Open Honor Roll: "To qualify for any Honor Roll titles, the horse must have attended at least two (2) shows and earned at least ten (10) points in the event during the year, except in Adult COOL classes where a minimum of six (6) points must be earned. 

3) Pages S-89-90 (PA-027-A): Amateur & Youth Honor Roll (Established 1998) The amateur/youth and his/her horse in each Amateur/Youth class earning the most points during that show year (from January 1 to December 31) will be the years High Point winner for that event and an appropriate trophy or plaque will be awarded. Amateurs/Youth and their horses placing second through tenth will receive an appropriate certificate. A minimum of six (6) points must be earned to be eligible for this award and/or certificate.

4) Page B-26 (Article IV- Sect. 3): "You must be an AMHA member for your horse to earn AMHA points."

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