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AOTE: Amateur Owned Trained Exhibited rewards the talents of Amateurs! With many of the same rules applying to both Amateur and AOTE divisions, AOTE classes are primarily set apart by the fact that horses exhibited in AOTE classes must be trained, conditioned, groomed and shown by the AOTE or a non-professional family member in all divisions entered. Excluding medical, hauling and farrier services, the Amateur is responsible for all aspects of the AOTE horse. AOTE classes consist of halter and stock-type classes for geldings, stallions and mares: roaster, classic  pleasure, country pleasure and single pleasure driving, including versatility.


Membership matters at the AMHA! AOTE Committee Chair, Becky Kelley would be happy to answer questions that you may have regarding the AOTE Program. If you need more assistance, Contact AMHA today at 817-783-5600!


AMHA's Super AOTE Award is presented during the Amateur awards at the World Show. Amateur members who sign up to compete for this award pick five classes to accumulate points from, with the competitor with the most points winning this prestigious award. At the Regional and World Championship Shows the forms for these awards will be available and must be filled out and turned in to the  Show Office the day before the horse is shown in any one of the classes.

AOTE  classes were put into place for people who take care of, condition, turn out, groom, and train their own horses.


Amateur Owned, Trained, and Exhibited (AOTE) (AM-010-A-6):

The AOTE program was established in 1999 with the intent and purpose of providing classes in which an amateur exhibitor could show his/her horses without having to compete with horses that have been trained, groomed and/or conditioned by a professional during the current calendar year. (Amended 02-11, effective 01-12)


AOTE Requirements (AM-010-A-6a):

The horse exhibited by the AOTE must be trained, conditioned, groomed and shown ONLY by the AOTE or a non-professional family member in all divisions entered. Non-professional family members are defined as: spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew, son, daughter, grandchild, grandparent, legal ward, in-laws, step-children, step-parents, step-siblings. No one with a professional trainer in the household or on premises may compete in the AOTE division


AOTE Ownership (AM-010-A-6b):

The owner or lessee of record must be so recorded on the registration certificate (not postmarked) by January 1st of each year in which the AOTE horse is to be shown.  If a horse is acquired or recorded on the registration certificate in the AMHA office after January 1, the amateur owner/lessee must wait until the following year to enter the AOTE classes.** (Amended 02-11, effective 01-12)


There are AOTE classes offered in halter and the different driving divisions at most the local club shows and at Regional and World Championship Shows. At the Regional Championships there are awards for AOTE High Point Halter and Performance. At World Show the AOTE High Point Halter and Performance are also awarded along with Super AOTE.


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AOTE Winners!


Class sponsored by Becky Kelly, B & D Ranch

Hallmarks Show Me Sadie

Owned by Allyson Waites


Class sponsored by Marei Powell, Nehi Ranch

Marie Powell, Nehi Ranch


Class sponsored by Marie Powell, Nehi Ranch

Marie Powell, Nehi Ranch

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