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AMHA congratulates Dawn Henrich for being presented with the

2021 AMHA "A" Lifetime Achievement Award. 


Dawn's tireless dedication to the Association is greatly appreciated! We can't imagine anyone more deserving of this prestigious award!

. Dawn came on as our Treasurer three years ago when AMHA was in some of its darkest financial days. She wasted no time getting into the finances of the association, often putting AMHA needs ahead of those of her own small business. Dawn worked tirelessly to identify where the association was losing money, what changes needed to be made to our financial picture and where we needed to cut expenses to keep the association viable. She set up a very strict budget that everyone, including the President, adhered to. This meant no travel or other reimbursements no purchasing without tight scrutiny, re-looking at every purchase made, going out to bid on agency needs and choosing the best product for the least amount, and advising the EC on making some very painful cuts in staffing in the office. Other recommendations came also – moving the Miniature Horse World from a printed to a digital magazine and lowering the costs of awards for Honor Roll and the World Show. At the same time, she worked with the office manager and the EC to give recommendations for our long-time staff to receive raises in salary that they hadn’t seen in many, many years, allowing continuing health benefits and more small group opportunities.  Our loyal staff of Pam, Marsha, Brenda and Val worked alongside her to cut office costs, improve customer service, work extra hours to meet member needs and not leave when the going got tough. Following Dawn’s budget was not easy, but our amazing staff pulled it off. But Dawn was not done yet.

Improving the productivity of the association was a big goal for everyone. AMHA was still caught in the dark ages, using a DOS data base system for registration and trying to keep old computers up and running. The staff were frustrated, the members were frustrated, and the satisfaction rating of the association was going down. Late in 2019 Dawn came to the board with a proposal. She had spoken with Mark Anderson, a computer programmer who had written successful data base systems for other horse registries. She negotiated with hm for a new system, one that we did not pay for until it was in place and working, and then negotiated three years to pay it off. This was unlike proposals of the past where the association paid big dollars for a program they never received. The board gave its approval, and the rest is history. Thanks to Dawn’s recommendations, we now have new computers in the office, a new registration program and a new show program.

Under Dawn’s guidance, the association is once again on sound financial ground, the members and staff are once again excited, membership is up, registrations are up and our future looks financially stable. Thank you, Dawn, for your contribution to the amazing journey of the American Miniature Horse Association!


Titles and Awards

November 2022

No nominations were received for the "A" Award in 2022

The American Miniature Horse Association offers the following special titles and awards upon request by the owner. Forms are available on the AMHA website. Using the Official AMHA Rule Book, please reference the prefix code and section in parenthesis after the title for the requirements met by these horses/exhibitors. Each horse and/or exhibitor listed below received a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.


The purpose of the Register of Merit award is to recognize and reward lifetime achievements of registered American Miniature Horses. Horses are awarded a Register of Merit when they have won at least seventy- five (75) points in any one class. Horses awarded this title may add the abbreviation ROM at the end of their registered name and may be advertised as such. A list of classes eligible for ROM are listed in the current AMHA Rule Book, see PA-030. You may request a show record of your horse from the office. See the work order for the current fee. When the title “Register of Merit” is achieved, the owner/exhibitor may request the ROM certificate from the AMHA office by submitting the proper form.

Awarded to:

  • Hyde Away Ranch R Hot Stormy Night in Multi-Color Stallions or Geldings

  • Sierra Dawn Unos Bugattie in Open Hunter

  • Stars FR Jericho in Open Halter Obstacle

  • RHMF Geminis Twinklin Star in Open Stock Type Mares

  • RHMF Geminis Sparklin Kid in Multi-Color Stallions or Geldings


Awarded to: 

  • Star FR Jericho owned by William and Rebecca Shepherd


Awarded to: 


Awarded to: 

  • Pura Vidas Signature Silver Dollar shown by Susan Infante in Amateur Hunter

  • Mercedes Trick Shot shown by Mary Wilson in Amateur Halter Obstacle

  • RHMF Geminis Twinklin Star shown by Julie Hemenway in Amateur Stock Type Mares


Awarded to: 


Awarded to: 

  • Sierra Dawn Unos Bugattie Shown by William Shepherd, Jr in Amateur Hunter


Awarded to: 


Awarded to: 


Awarded to: 

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