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Welcome to the exciting world of the American Miniature Horse. As a member of the American Miniature Horse Association, you become an integral part of one of the world's fastest growing equine associations. Join the more than 12,000 members in 38 countries and provinces who are already enjoying the quality programs and services of AMHA. Whether your interest is showing, breeding or recreation, AMHA offers rewarding programs, expanded opportunities and a wide variety of resources designed to expand your involvement with the American Miniature Horse.

Small Measures. Big Rewards.
Small measures reap big rewards for members of the American Miniature Horse Association. AMHA Members enjoy reduced rates on Association services such as registrations and transfers. Members can also compete in more than 250 AMHA-approved shows throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. From local shows to Championship and World Championship Shows, AMHA-approved shows offer classes for the entire family. In addition, the AMHA Gelding Incentive Fund, Futurity Program, Amateur Program, Special Needs Program, and International Program offer additional opportunities for individuals involved in breeding and showing American Miniature Horses.

Also as part of your membership, you will enjoy a subscription to Miniature Horse World, the official publication of AMHA, and the source for American Miniature Horse breed information, AMHA news and information and Miniature Horse business. In addition, AMHA Members can take advantage of special offers from Corporate Partners and further their grassroots participation by joining one of more than 40-AMHA-approved clubs. 

Youth involved with the American Miniature Horse Association comprise more than 1,000 members from around the world. AMHA offers leadership and scholarship opportunities and youth competition for young people interested in American Miniature Horses.


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USA - $65

Canada - $75

Foreign - $100


AMHA Membership allows you reduced rates on Association services, the right to compete in more than 250 AMHA shows and a subscription toMiniature Horse Worldmagazine. AMHA Members may also compete for titles, prizes and the benefits of the many programs the AMHA offers.
$65 Annually
Don't own a horse but still want to join?No problem! Just become an AMHA Associate Member and you will receive a subscription toMiniature Horse Worldmagazine and be kept up to date with all things AMHA!
(18 & Under)
$10 Lifetime Membership
Youth members are eligible to show and compete at the local, Regional and World Show level. Youth members are also eligible to apply for several AMHA scholarships. Please note: Youth Memberships do not include registration privileges or a subscription to theMiniature Horse World.

** Please note all prices are in USD.