President’s Message


It is that time again, the email from Melissa saying “I need your president’s letter”.   It is that time again to take deep consideration of what our people need to know and need to hear.  It is that time again to procrastinate in hopes that divine intervention shall descend upon this writing.  It is that time again just to sit down and succumb to the reality and start typing and speaking of what I know and feel.

The first thing I know is that serving as President of this association is one of much complexity.  It is NOT a position of baby kissing and shaking hands.  At least that is not how I have defined my role.  Often there is much confusion in the fact that on the one hand you are expected to “fix” everything and make everything right for each person who speaks up of their personal issue,  while at the same time you have others saying “you can’t do that”.   You have to smile and be positive; you have to keep your frustrations intact while you come to what you hope is a wise decision FOR the association, it’s betterment and future growth.    You know that some are not going to be happy, you know that there is always potential for error or misjudgment and you just hope that you have made decisions correctly and with wisdom.  In this small world of AMHA, there are many friends whom you love and respect on a personal level.   You hope that if you have a differing of opinions, ideals, and perspectives you are in the end respected as you would respect the others.   You also know that many making sideline judgments truly don’t know the full back story, history, or all the information of any given decision and that you are also under scrutiny. You spend many hours, days, weeks seeking council on history, rules, precedence that has been set, and interpretations to assist in your thought processes.   You know when some see the sky as blue others see it as gray, and you have to somehow blow the clouds away.  You know that your personal life and your own professional life are extremely compromised leaving people in your daily life questioning and confused.   You know that you cannot explain this to them with any hope of understanding.  You know that your own personal integrity and ethics are the ever base of all you do.  With that, you know some find fault as well.  And, you know hindsight is often 20/20.

The difficulty in assisting in keeping an office running smoothly and happily from 1500 miles away is another challenge.   I thank God daily for the leadership of Alison and the dedication of her and all our staff in making this much easier for me.   

In the end, for myself, I am a miniature horse hobbyist if you will.  I have a small breeding program, enjoy an afternoon drive, and find that looking out at my horses offers a sense of satisfaction that I do treasure and is an important part of my life and daily sustenance.   For me, it is a faith and belief in the small Miniature Horse and its people that makes me stick to fighting for something I believe in.  For those that hang with me and just “listen” please know I am ever so grateful.  Your ears and heart have more value to me than you know.  For those that offer words of encouragement and gratitude also, please know I can’t say what it means and how it strengthens me in the challenging endeavors of success.  Thank you!

Doubt and negativity are seeds easily planted that tend to grow and flourish as easily as weeds amongst the stones.   It is easy to succeed at failure, but that is not at all what we are looking to and working for.  Please join us in the pursuit of excellence! You all play an important role in our present and future.

God’s Blessings,


Joe Kahre

AMHA President